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      hello.. im interested in buying a camera for freelancing.. my friend has the HMC150 and i was pretty impressed with it.. can anyone please give me any info on this camera, or maybe some pros and cons about it.

      im looking to purchase something in the same price range as the HMC150.. is this camera worth the money? please rate this camera for me.. or if you know of something better in the same price category please tell me

      i dont know alot about cameras to be honest because im editing for a living and occasionaly do camera work for fashion shows ect..

      thank you very much

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      Mark Von Lanken, of Video University fame, and Oklahoma, and WEVA (Wedding and Event Videographers Association), of course recently did an extensive review of the HMC150. Even before he did, I was sold. If Panasonic takes the bait and adds a second card slot to make it’s SDHC AVCHD camera match up to what JVC just released, I can think of no other camera in the price range I’d rather own and use.

      It’ll cost you $25 to sign up at Hal Landen’s Video University forum, free except unless you want to post replies or see the private forum where Von Lanken’s extensive write up and many, many responses are posted. Personally, for the amount of information and insight there, I think $25 would be a worthwhile investment. I forget the name of the magazine, Event DV magazine, I think, but Von Lanken’s post on VU is based on an extensive article he wrote for the rag as well. Check it out. Might help.

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      I suggest taking a look at the brochure for the HMC150 and if you get a chance, visit Panasonic AVCCAM website…they have a bunch of great white papers on the workflow and general questions that professionals have regarding the format and editing issues and quality,

      For that price there really is an interesting comparison, I believe the hmc150 is the only camcorder in its price range that has full HD ccd blocks, has MPEG 4 recording vs MPEG 2 (Sony and JVC and Canon), and has a 2 year extended warranty from panasonic for a total of 3 years…all for the price range of mid $3K …

      The downside is of course it does not have a detachable lens and no HD-SDI, but there are economical converter boxes to go HDMI to HD-SDI out available

      I believe Videomaker has a great review on the camcorder as well

      To be honest, the camcorder has been really hard to keep in stock here at our store because customers just love it … I believe we sold 40 in the span of one and a half months back in March/April and we still get calls for the camcorder all the time.

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      8400 Westglen Street
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