Panasonic HMC 150 & 40 Settings

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      Just curious, I use the Panasonic Hmc 40 and 150.

      I generally film it on normal and mess with colors in After FX, and Color Curves. This has worked for a while, but when your doing a 30 min infomercial…it gets tedious. Does anybody have any settings they use for TV that really just kill it and look amazing. Usually filming at 30fps.

      Also…..Looking to upgrade…..anybody purchase any of the new cameras that came out this year…and which ones…??

      Thanks Tim


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      Tim, I work with both the AG150 and the new Ag80 and to tell you the truth I prefer the AG150. If you are going to get another camera, I would pick up another AG150; it would be easier to match the colors. Once you get the color balance you like you can sync the other camera to it.

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