Panasonic HDC-TM700

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      Looking at this camera to purchase but I am concerned it has no connectivity to attach to a typical television for qucik viewing of a recently recorded event. Does anyone know if it does.

      Also, is flash memory better than hard dirve memory? I really can tell the difference besides capacity.

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      I prefer flash to a HD simply because I can take the card out and copy files to my computer–with the HD, you’d have to hook up cables. Also, no moving parts to breakwith flash memory (I’ve even gotten flash memory wet and they work fine–not so with HD’s). So, I think it’s just your personal preference.

      As for hooking it up to a TV I do not know. Perhaps others can comment as to that.

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      The Panasonic TM700 can connect to TV either by composite (standard yellow cable) or component (RGB), both which share theredand white audio outputs.

      It hasno S-Video, though the rigidly designed output on the camcorder is supposed to yield better quality video than the circle shaped “A/V” output on other camcorders.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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