Panasonic HDC TM-300 Camcorder

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I just joined this forum. Any users of this new AVCHD Camcorder?


Donald G.H Tan

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Do you have one? Is that 17mbps in the highest quality mode? These usually lose half theirretail in 18 months...just the nature of the beast.

Ever notice that, with these little guys, 50% of the manual is dedicated to shooting stills?

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I have the HDC TM-200 - it's a great camera. I think the only difference to the TM-300 is the -200 has 16G internal and not 32G. The -200 with a 32GB card provides 6 hours of high-def recording, so I didn't see the point in waiting for/getting the -300.

I love the low-light capability offered by the 3MOS sensors - takes me back to the old analog video camera days.

The camera is wonderfully light and transfering files directly to my computer is a breeze. I haven't used it very much - only for a suprise 70'th b'day, but it handled the low light of the disco environment (a very swinging aunt :-)) extremely well.


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I am still recording in SD on a hard disk camcorder that records MPEG-2. AVCHD is the HD version of AVC MPEG-4 that might not be supported with your editing software. Are you looking for people who have experience with AVC-HD, or do you need advice on converting the files so that you can edit them?