Panasonic HDC-SDT750 3D camcorder – No expensive 3D theater equipment required!

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      I had the chance to finally shoot some test footage tonight with my HDC-SDT750 3D camcorder.

      Contrary to most of the information online out there at the moment, and even through the user’s guide, you can still enjoy 3D video with this camera without having to replace your entire home theater with 3D complient equipment.

      Twoeasy was I have found –

      YouTube – This is FREE and you can upload your raw files directly to YouTube, and after tagging the file as 3D, instantly multiple anaglyph options are available, as well as many other popular 3D viewing options.

      Sony Vegas Pro 10 – While this is currently the only NLE I know of (and I could be wrong) that supports rendering of 3D filters such as anaglyph, I would not be surprised if soon, VERY soon every consumer NLE out there will have this feature.

      Even without adding the 3D filter, just about any currentNLE can still edit the AVCHD footage with ease, you just have to render it as a side by sidevideo file which YouTube and the newer 3D displays will be able to handle with ease.

      I do have a couple samples below:

      First is a YouTube sample. Now this is not a masterpiece – but merely a demonstration. All I did was chop up the video clip and rendered it right out to an MP4 file, then uploaded to YouTube- very easy and straight forward. Any NLE can do this, in fact there is an editing program that comes with the camera to achieve this, though I have not used it.

      What I found was it was best to leave the raw video alone, and not add any color curve, contrast enhancements, color correctionetc. as this only seemed to exxagerate the cross talk/ghosting. So simple cut and organization will give the best results.

      You MUST watch this video on YouTube to access the 3D control!

      Next is the file I pre-rendered in Sony Vegas Pro 10 with the 3D filter for better quality viewing offline or on a normal Blu-Ray player.

      This particular video is for use with Green/Magenta anaglyph glasses, which I obtained from the NORMAL Blu-Ray version of Monsters Vs Aliens for use in watching “B.O.B.’s Big Break”. You can also find these pretty cheap online – and you are not just limited to Green/Magenta.

      NOTE: The Ghosting appears much worse online than it was inthe original. I am guessing it is because when YouTube is processing the file, there is a slight shift in color and that may affect how the glasses view the video. For online sharing I suggest leaving it up to YouTube’s real time filter – but I will list it here for reference.

      I will be using this camera’s 2D feathures as a 4th ceremony camera at a wedding tomorrow and I will then share how the 2D video compares!

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      It seems that there was a version of the Panasonic HDC-TM700 that could do that.

      BTW, how does a 3D video file digitally differentiate from one that is in 2D? If 3D is just basically adding color (by setting two focal points), how could they be different?

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      The version ofHDC-TM700 that you are talking about is basically the exact same thing. The camera bodies are practically identical, though I hear there is minor improvement in the O.I.S. for the 750. You can remove the 3D lense and havea very high quality Panasonic 2Dconsumer camera. The only difference is for the 700, you need to purchase the lense separately. The 750 has the 3D lense included. The 3D lense is 100% identical.

      The 3D video file is still just a normal video file. If you play it back raw on the computer, you will see it has both videos side by side in the same frame. SO in this cameras case – the 2 images have to share the same space in the1920x1080 video – making the 3D video about half of High Definitiion – but it still does the trick. This is definitely a much more affordable route than the $21,000 pro 3D camera Panasonic is releasing that records 2 full HD images separately. For less than 7% of the price of the pro camera, it is definitely worth it.

      Vegas can read this 3D file and set it for different viewing options, and it can also take 2 separate full 1080p video files and combine them – either from the expensive camera listed above, or from 2 different cameras. Some day I would like to take my 2 Z5Us and set them perfectly parallel to get the same effect in full HD and try this route as well. Does anyone know anywhere you would find a double tripod head for this type of setup?

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      Not for the squeamish…

      For those that remember those blasted 3D computer Art pictures where if you stared at it just right you saw the image forms in 3D. They usually had 2 dots on the top or bottom border that you would stare at then cross your eyes until you saw three dots, the center one being the 2 overlaid on each other. You can do something similar with the twin video above without the special glasses.

      Focus on the two frames then slowly cross the eyes until you see three frames,the center one should be in 3D when you play the video.

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      CraftsOfLight – your suggestion would normally work, however I had to flip the order of the video to get my Green/Magenta glasses to see it right (yes I know I could have worn the glasses backwards), so if you cross your eyes, you are seeing it in reverse depth which can be pretty painful.

      I may upload one that is not in reverse. I am not sure why the green/magenta option YT has looks to be opposite – and I am not sure if all the anaglyph options are this way. Everywhere I look online for glasses, it seems green covers the left eye, magenta the right – not sure if this is 100% standard, but if it is, YT is doing it wrong.

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      Actually if you go to the YouTube page, and choose parallel, then the images are in order there, so it works (although YouTube is STILL reversing them on its own), but it wont work in the original format without adding a 3D layer. Now I am baffled. But don’t try crossing your eyes while watching the stream in this threadpost. OUCH!

      Oh, and by the way, I tested this camera (2D) as a static wide angle for a wedding ceremony today. (I use 2 Z5Us for the main 2 angles) I think I am about to sell my HVR-HD1000u prosumer camera as my 3rd backup camera and go with this! It literally kicked its butt in quality, though I have to figure out how to manually set the WB correctly, but it wasn’t too far off to fix in post. It is much smaller, uses no tapes. All I use my 1000u for is a 3rd ceremony cam, and there is literally no other use. Any takers?

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