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      I have recorded a 2 hr video and made CDs but was unable to bring the video in HD into Premiere to edit and to combind clips is there a editing software out there that is free or cheep that someone can recomend. At the same time is there tutorial that can help in using the software and also the Panasonic HDC-HS250. Thank you all for your help.

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      you can choose youtube. It has a function called Video Remixer. You can upload each video to, then you can edit online. It will cost you nothing.

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      Premiere should do it. What version do you have? I forget what version began supporting MTS native file formats.

      I have heard that Pinnacle is good, and cheap. (do you have a PC or Mac?)

      I recently downloaded AVS Video Converter 6, but didn’t buy it. It seems to be a pretty good program. But I’m not sure what format you would convert AVCHD to and not lose resolution. There might be something, though. It supports a lot of formats and such.

      I have the HS100, but my computer isn’t really fast enough. I did convert the video using HD Writer to MPEG2 video, which worked, even though my computer isn’t even a dual core, which surprised me. It does have a bit of trouble smoothly playing MTS HD files, though, and even told me one time that my computer didn’t have enough processing power to do something, but I forget what that was. Might have been editing.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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