Panasonic HCM 151 - Shooting a sport match for web

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Panasonic HCM 151 - Shooting a sport match for web

Hallo anybody,

I'm going to shot a basketball match and than I'd like put this video on web, with H.264 (640*360). I'd like to know IF and HOW can I shoot directly in with this risolution (640*360) in 25 P (PAL) or better, in 50 P.

Otherwise, I think, I've to shoot in 720 25P or 50 P and than resize oder compress video in H.264 (640*360).

(I'm interest about using Progerssive 50 (or 60) FPS in low resolituion for check what is good and what is wrong for the capacity of this Camcorder...)


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The Panasonic website shows no results for models HMC-151 or HCM-151, although a Google search found several forum topics on either HMC-151/HCM-151, including yours.

I'd done the search in an effort to address your shooting concerns, and assume you are in a PAL country, requiring that over SECAM or NTSC, though digitally I wonder how much difference it makes. Reason being that computers don't care, and the vast majority of televisions and DVD players on today's market usually can play both NTSC/PAL.

Though there might be SOME loss of quality (???) in the process, converters ARE available to generate to or from one or the other in post for final output of a commercial disc to market, or share. Most popular video editing software provides for outputting either format as well.

So, while I could not find the model number panasonic camera to which you're referring, the end result of most digital cameras you would use that offer HD level production capabilities would generate footage you could manipulate to acquire the output and/or compression you seek.

Have you done a search on YouTube in an attempt to identify any footage there shot on the model camera to which you refer? Or even samples of footage treated in the same manner that you wish to do?