Panasonic GS500 compatibility with iBook

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      I just bought a Panasonic GS500 and a new iBook to do the editing. The OS is version 10.53 and the camera says it is compatible with 10.1 thru 10.4. I’m having trouble getting the video loaded into the iBook. I am brand new to video as I’m a radio guy trying to add video to our website.

      Am I doing something wrong or could this camera not be compatible with this latest version of the OS X software?

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      Have you tried going to to see if there are some troubleshooting suggestions there?

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      how are you trying to capture the video? Are you using Final Cut Pro? There is a list on Apples website that names all thecompatibledevices that work with FCP. I can’t find it though, you might have to call them and ask for the link. My miniDV deck isn’t on that list, but it still works.

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      ibooks were discontinued since the power pc g4 chips a while back, so “New iBooks” don’t exist. I’m not sure if it’s possible to hack leopard to run on an ibook, but if that is what you have got, it would certianly explain why you’re having trouble.

      if you are running a new macbook, or macbook pro, with leopard, you might try using the older version of iMovie (imovie hd) to import your video. (fce and imovie’08 will import the imovie hd project just fine).

      other trouble shooting issues are defective firewire cables/connections, displays set to low resolution/ color space.

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      Thanks for the ideas. It looks as though I was just being stupid. I called Panasonic today to find out if they knew what my problem might be. I was trying to use the USB cable to download the video. Once I got a firewire cable–what do ya know–all works great.

      What I have is a macbook with leopard, not an iBook. My brain is still locked in to old TV commercials I guess.

      Again–thanks for all your help.

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