Panasonic DVX1000B VS Canon GL2 VS Sony PD170

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      I am considering either the Canon GL2, Panasonic DVX1000B or Sony PD170 to tape instructional/training videos in a classroom/conference room environment. The tapes will be edited in a FCP 4.5HD environment and will be burned to DVD.

      I was seriously considering the GL2 or PD170, but I recently read articles stating that if the intention is to go to DVD, it is better to shoot 24P. This will allow minimal quality loss when converting to DVD.

      Which camera would you recommend? Is 24P really that much better if you’re going to DVD?


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      Making 24p DVDs is pretty popular nowadays. It takes less rendering in your NLE, and less compression on the DVD disc. Check it out, specially if you are distributing your 24p movies on the web already.

      I know a dozen videographers who use 24p, and not a one has thought about going to film. They just enjoy the percieved higher quality look.


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