Panasonic DVC30 v DCX100A audio input question +

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      I am considering the Panasonic DVC30 but am concerned about the audio input. It has only the mini jack. Are quality microphones available with miniplug? and if so, recommendations, please. If I’m not mistaken, any miniplug mic will need batteries and that seems to add a layer of Murphy’s input to any shoot. Otherwise, XLR inputs can be added with an adapter box which adds a real amount of $ to the purchase. The audio levels are adjustable on the camera through menus only (no dials for manual gain adjustment) and that sounds like a potential PITA. Any advice around these issues would be much appreciated. I understand that audio quality can often separate pro from am.

      Also: I may have a line on a DVX100A with about 100 hours on it from a trusted source (well taken care of, etc.) (he needs PAL and may want to dump his NTSC… on me!) Any reason why I shouldn’t do this (over a new DVC30)? Worth a few hundred more than a new DVC30?


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      If you can get a dvx100 I would spring for that, but if you get the dvc30 you can buy it with a panasonic xlr box that mounts onto the handle for $200 more…

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      The Panasonic DVC-30 XLR adapter does not use the mini-jack. It uses a proprietary connector hat allows the signal to stay balanced all the way into the am. That means that it is equivalent to having XLR input on the cam. No worries. Go for it. πŸ™‚

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