Panasonic DVC30 first impressions

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      Today I got to put my new DVC30 through some paces, and just wanted to give some first impressions.

      To begin with, I am pretty new to video cams (my specialty has been stills..with just a little video amongst animated slideshow). Until the DVC30, the best cam I used was a 7 year old model. So one could argue that I would be impressed with anything in the price range of the DVC30. That said, I am very happy with my new cam.

      1) The viewfinder is bright and crisp. With my previous cam, the viewfinder was not at all crisp…I used it only to tell what I was shooting, you could not tell whether the subject was in focus or not. So I could only use it in auto-focus, and there are many times that that limits your creativity. I find the DVC30 EASY to focus precisely on your subject.

      2) The autofocus is quick and accurate.

      3) The 16X optical zoom is incredible (though I will still need to get a telephoto as I shoot some wildlife).

      4) It seems to be built very solidly.

      There are a lot of manual features that I look forward to being able to grow into. I am very happy with my choice in camera, and think that I will be for years to come.

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