Panasonic camera model suggestions please?

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An indigenous community needs advice on which Panasonic camera they can buy for their Participatory Video projects.

will be sponsoring their request by giving a discount. But they need to
request the model which will be most suitable for their needs. Could
you please guide us a bit according to the specifics below?

Budget: US$3000 - to get 2 cameras with their accessories. Hopefully the discount will be substantial.

target: acceptable TV quality for local viewing in Malaysia. But does
not have to be high end (naturally, with the budget!).

Editing software: Windows 7, Sony Vegas and Adobe Premier

environment: will definitely include some humid places in the forest.
They lost their older Canon HV40 cameras to problems caused by humidity.

I am volunteering for this group. Personally I am carrying a
TM700. I like it, but editing gave me some problems and its full HD
ability actually cost me in terms of weight of several external drives
to carry around with me. They could get that one, but it is now out of
shelves. Perhaps we could use TM900 as the benchmark for any suggestions
you may have.

We got little time before they meet Panasonic, so any prompt responses will be highly appreciated. Thanks a bunch.