Panasonic AG-HVX205A

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      I just saw references to this model on ebay. A search on Panasonic’s web site leads to a Japanese only brochure, but a Google search found a blog entry about this model being shown at NAB in April this year. Does anybody know anything about this model? It looks like a newer/better replacement for the 200A model, but I can find no write-ups or reviews of it. The price seems to be lower that for the 200A, by about a grand or more, which makes it a very interesting alternative.

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    maybe it will be a camera that is only available in another country, kinda like how in the US we have the Sony PD170 but in china or japan (i dont remember which) they have the PD190 instead. They are the same camera, just different model number for a different country. Why they do it…i dunno.

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