Panasonic AG-HMC80 vs. Panasonic AG-HMC40

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was wondering if anyone has has thoughts about which would be a better buy...pricing it out on b&h is seems that the 80 is only about $35 more(since i want xlr inputs, you need to buy the adapter for the 40) the features are very similar so i wanted to get a feel for what everyone's thoughts were

thanks- gut

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Be careful Gut, the price difference is about $450, with the AG-HMC80 being much more, and a given, the XLR inputs are a huge reason, and well worth it. The form factor is also much to consider since the HMC80 is a shouldermount camera and going to have a wildly different center of balance than the more compact HMC40.

I'm not sure if you are Panasonic loyal, but Sony's HXR-NX70U may fit your bill, it is a couple hundred more than what you're looking at, but is compact and has the XLR inputs.

If you fill us in on what type of video you plan to shoot we can get a better look into what you need in a camera, hopefully this keeps you going Gut!


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Jackson - I think he's pricing it out with the HMC-40's XLR adapter included in his total price. That's why he go the smaller price difference.

Gut - the difference is 'palmcorder' vs shoulder mount. They're both essentially the same camera.



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thanks jackson and bill

yes i figured it with the xlr adaptor included in the price for the 40
basically im going to try and shoot anything and everything i can when i can i m looking for a good all around camera that is a good value at the prosumer level...
if it comes down to palmcoder vs shouldermount, then shoulder it is, because i know i will shoot smoother video that way...

however, the 40 has some features i like (i.e. the pre record function) and the fact that it has over 180 reviews on the site alone...also the 80 looks to have an odd setup as far as the eye cup/ lcd screen...
so im still torn lol

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Any interior shooting will require lighting so if you do not have that you will want to budget for it. Because of the small sensor, low light environments will present you with some challenges on both these cameras. They are awsome in regular sunlit areas. I use mine in outdoor nature videos and am very pleased with those results.

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craftersoflight- thanks for the tip...its really the only negative anyone seems to have about these be honest im very ignorant about what would work out best...just to be clear, which cam do you use?