Panasonic Ag-DVX100B and low sound

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      Hello all,

      I’ve recently bought an AG-DVX100b and I love the camera, but I’ve noticed that the sound that the built in mic pics up is very low in volume. I know that I can adjust the volume using the two channel dials, but the manual says that under normal conditions they should be in the center. When compared to my old Canon ZR100, the volume is very low. I also have a Schriber Acoustic dual-mode shotgun mic that was recomended on these boards, but I have found that to only be good for about 10 yards. Overall the volume seems very low even when I hook up the camera straight to the tv. I’ve read through the manual but I’m thinking I’ve either misunderstood or missed all together a certain setting. Any help would be great. I haven’t messed with the menu controls concerning sound because I couldn’t see that there was a control there.

      thanks in advance.

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