Panasonic ag-dvc60 vs. Sony vx-2100

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      Decisions, decisions. I shoot event videos, sometimes in lower light situations. How bad does the ag-dvc60 perform overall in low light. I know the vx-2100 is really good at that but as an amateur videographer building a small business, I am needing a more professional looking camera for obvious reasons.
      My own pani pv-gs250 shoots nice video and I borrow a GL-2, which isn’t good in low light. Sure, I could get a shoulder mount for the vx-2100 but is it worth it?

      I am also not interested in going HD right now even though Sony has a new low cost HD rig coming out. I’ll wait for some reviews to pop up.

      Does anyone have any experiences with these two cameras, especially the ag-dvc60? Christmas is coming soon!

      Am I comparing apples to oranges?

      Compusolver…I bet you’ll check in on this one!


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      I read this just the other day:
      The DVC30 has exactly the same camera components as the DVC60 and this review specifically mentions the VX2100, stating that it has better image quality because of it’s larger CCDs. That said, we own a DVC60 and I absolutely love it’s performance (even in low light). The disclaimer though is that our DVC60 is my first and only prosumer cam, so I don’t have any experience to make comparisons to other prosumer type cams. I can tell you though that it kicks the pants off of my consumer model PV-GS150.

      Hope this helps. (if it does, maybe you or someone can help me with something I just posted about here

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