Panasonic AG-DVC60 Sound Question

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      Hi, I’m very new to video and need some advice. I just purchased the Panasonic AG-DVC60 Mini DV cam. The video looks great and the built in mic sounds great when shooting very close. My problem is, It has 2 XLR inputs on the back of the camera, I used an old sure mic into channel one but when I reviewed the shot, it had tons of noise, was in mono and sounded horrible. I know the mic sounds good, I’ve used it through a tascam porta studio and edited in adobe audition.

      This cam has, 2 XLR’s Chan 1 and Chan 2,
      1, 1/8 jack, S-vidio and also stereo in/out jacks. The white and red ones… like on a DVD player.

      What should I Use? I currently have a Beringer 2 condenser mic but it needs phantom power. Would this mic work for a boom?

      Please, any advice would greatly be appreciated.
      Also, the footage I’m shooting is for local commercials.. so it’s important the sound is clean.


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