Panasonic AG-DVC200P has anybody used this for filming?

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      πŸ˜• I have to pick up this camcorder soon from a friend and i am planing to do a short film just for kicks, so my questions also is if anyone used it, how good is the quality?

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      I would imagine it would be good. But if your are wanting to do Short films just for kicks do you really want to spend that much?

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      I am looking at picking up a used Panasonic DVC200P — How do you like the one you picked up last year. Are you happy with the quality? I am looking to upgrade my system from the Panasonic SVHS to DV or HD. I mainly use the camera for an occasional wedding — maybe 4 to 5 per year.

      Would recommend the quallity of this camera to be very good?

      Thanks for any input.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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