Panasonic ag-dvc 60 squeal

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      Panasonic ag-dvc 60 bought new in June ’06. Using Panasonic 60 and 80 minute tapes (always in SP) to tape depositions. 2 weeks ago during a shoot using a 60 minute tape, the camera made loud squealing noises. Then the S Lock warning came on and the camera shut down. This happened a few times. Since then the camera has operated normally; till yesterday. At about an hour into each new tape the squealing starts, and the video continues to record fine. (The S lock warning only happens now if I put a new tape into to cartridge and shut the door too quickly.) I called the 800# in the manual and was told the 80 minute tapes caused a problem. But it happened when I was using a 60 minute tape and it says in the manual you "can use any dv tape".
      So is the sqeauling noise a camera problem? A tape problem? If it is the tape, has it damaged the camera?
      Thank you.

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      Thank you for responding compusolver.
      I agree with you; it’s just that the camera started squealing while using the 60 minute tapes (and the 800# guy made other statements that were definately strange, like saying Panasonic didn’t make an ag-dvc60 model).
      So ultimately if using the 80’s caused a squealing problem, no matter what tape is being used, then there must be a problem with the camera now.
      Before I ship it off (I’m in MA and the nearest repair center is NY) I would like to know what that problem is and exactly how it was caused and any other quirks these cameras have.

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      tee hee 🙂

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