Panasonic AG AC160 – is it broadcast quality?

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      Hi guys,

      Just a super quick question..

      I’ve been researching which camera to buy for a few months now. At first i was tempted to buy a canon, something like the XA-10 or XF100 as it boasts 4:2:2 broadcast quality – but after more research i’ve taken a fancy to the panasonic range.

      The AG AC160 seems like the ideal camera for me, with the 50fps in 1080p and all the other great features but one thing that is standing in the way of me buying it is the question of quality. I’m sure it will have very pleasing level of quality, but how does the format that panasonic uses compare to the format that canon uses? Canon boasts 50mbs while the panasonic boasts between 21-24mbs max in it’s highest quality? Am i missing something? There doesn’t seem to be a very clear explanation on the net, i’ve searched.

      I’m just worried i’ll buy the panasonic because it has better functions but will lose the ‘broadcast quality’ which would ultimately restrict my work.

      Appreciate any feedback,

      Thanks guys,


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