Panasonic AG-AC130 or Sony HDR-AX2000

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would you prefer the Sony or the Panasonic cam?

I need it for snow- and skateboard filming, especially when it's dark.

I've found this video:

I've heard, the HXR-NX5 is similar to the HDR-AX2000 and the AG-AC160 to the AG-AC130. So what do you think, which camera is better at low-light?

Or is there a camera for a smiliar price which is better?

Big thanks!


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i use the nx5 for skate and snow and its incredible man!

here something i shot indoors with crappy fluorescent lighting:

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i like how the NX5 has 1080p while panny has 1080i.

Panny seems to do better. here's the same video u got but in vimeo.