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      Just curious if anyone uses the new Pansonic af100. I found a rad Cinema kit and was thinking about purchasing it. Besides the lense capabilities, is it that much better then the HMC 150 and 40. Price seems good, but just curious if anyone using it has some feedback. Really thiking about purchasing it soon.

      Thanks. Tim

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      Tim — suggest you head over to the AF100 forum at dvxuser. Lots of good information there from folks who are shooting with the camera. Here is a recent thread on this same topic (last post in the thread is from Jan Crittenden Livingston, the AF100 Product Manager for Panasonic USA).

      Compared to your HMCs, you will like the flexibility of interchangeable still camera lenses and shallow depth of field, but you may miss the relatively fast parfocal power zoom of a true camcorder lens.

      Good luck with your decision,


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