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      I have one of the Panasonic 3ccd camcorders ( the one with 2.3 mega pixel still camera ) . I’ve been shooting video and burning a couple DVD’s but I noticed difference resolution.

      I shot video on one particular day and it looks like it could run with some of the higher camcorders. But on other days the resolution is good but not as good as this day . ( I shot around 4 in the evening I’m thinking maybe the lighting of the day )

      What would cause the cam to shot at different resolutions ?

      when I captured the video I use firewire. I had the camcorder in 4:3 mode – but had notice a really clear resolution in 6:9

      any help is appreciated


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      What do you mean by “resolution”? Are you talking about a better picture in general or actually a different resolution? And if the latter, what resolutions are you getting and how do you know?

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      See Hank’s reply to this thread in the General Questions section.

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