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      Do I need to play this on a PAL compliant VCR in order to capture the video onto my computer? I tried playing it on my VCR, then telling
      my plextor capture device software that the source code was PAL, but this didn’t work. Someone mentioned I may need to take it to a video store for conversion. Appreciate any advice/help! πŸ™

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      Your format is 30 frames per second, ours (Pal) is 25.
      Unless you have a multi format video player – forget it

      Take it to a video store for conversion or you could send it to me in Oz and I’ll convert it for you.

      It’s like playing a DVD-R in a machine that will only read DVD+R -It is not compatable

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      This seems like a cost effective way to do it. They’ll even give you MiniDVs. Not an endorsement, I’ve never used them.

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