PAL and NTSC recording simultaneously? and converting?

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      hi guys, I am a beginner in video. I had a question about PAL and NTSC formats.. I have a project that i will shoot in a region where PAL is used. However, I will need to bring the footage back home and then release it in USA in NTSC format. I will be doing 1080p 24p Native for “cine look”..

      Will I need to convert anything?? I believe NO, because I will be recording in 24fps, and that is different from PAL and NTSC. so it should not matter. However, I could be wrong and I have not considered anything except the fps.

      Please let me know how to resolve the issue, if it is actually an issue..


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      PAL and NTSC are simple standards for video frame rates. NTSC shoots the standard 30 fps frame rate, while PAL is 25 fps. Most United States and European TV sets will most likely convert your video to a compatible frame rate before displaying.

      Shooting 24p is better thought of as a down conversion from the standard rates of 30 and 60 frames that camcorders can record in. 24p can be thought of as achieving a special motion affect (e.g. imitating an old time scene), but does not “enrich” the quality to make video look like film. Film has many advantage, such as light sensativity and shallow depths of field. People often get the idea that shooting 24p advances video toward looking like film. Film has its advantages, but proves its worth by the least amount in terms of frame rate. I’d take a look at this article first. My advice is not to shoot at 24 frames unless it’s an essential rate that’s demanded by your boss.

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      thanks XTR-91 for the link and I agree with that 24p is old here.. but i am required to do so by the shoot choreographer.. and the place of shoot is a mountainous area in BHUTAN where even taking a 2 wheeler is a struggle but somehow the eqipment has been dispatched and now only we have to get there and begin..

      The TVs in BHUTAN get PAL signal and are primitive 1950s TVs as compared to USA. still well under 17″. So as you said, the TVs should convert automatically, I don’t think that would be possible given the technology. And one more thing..

      If I shoot at anything and rely on automatic conversion then wouldn’t the video be faster or slower than usual??

      so basically I will have to shoot @24fps 1080p and then use the original footage here. but also release it there in BHUTAN. The main priority is USA so i will shoot in HD (BHUATN doesn’t have HD). then convert or do something to make it PAL TV compatible.

      What can I do to achieve the expected results?


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