P2 Log & Transfer Issues using FCP 7

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      So, there might be an obvious answer to this question, and that might be that either I am missing something simple, or that the footage is a lost cause. But in the off-chance that there might be a solution or something that can be done, here goes.

      I received footage (event multi-cam footage) of an event from almost a year ago. The event was shot with hvx-200’s and I received drives with what should be all of the p2 volumes (un-digitized) and some p2 footage digitized. As this was from an event shot a while ago, the original data on the p2 cards themselves is long gone.

      Most of the footage digitizes fine via FCP log and transfer. But there are some clips, one volume in particular that is giving me a lot of trouble. Digitizing direct from the p2 volume via log & transfer gives me the red exclamation point error symbol immediately after the clips are put into the transfer que. It is important to note that the clips play in preview in the log and transfer window but will not convert/transfer. I tried digitizing with p2 log pro instead of FCP, again from the unchanged p2 volume, and i get a error message saying something along the lines of ‘quicktime error.’ This pops ups immediately. I tried running p2 log pro repair clip wizard (which has saved me on numerous occasions in the past) on the individual video files within the volume, and making new volume folders for each. This seems to run fine, but when I try to convert the new ‘repaired’ volume in either FCP log and transfer or direct with P2 Log Pro, i get the same error messages as before.

      Any thoughts on what might be done? Or is it a lost cause given the I don’t have the original p2 card data?

      Thank you for your time and help.

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      I’ve used this stuff for a while. I had this happen once in the last 6 years or so. Look up/google “repair lastclip.txt” . That’s what saved me.

      Also for future reference, it’s a really good idea not to trash the original memory card structure (on any brand/make/model) before you’ve sucessfully ingested the footage. And don’t worry– it’s difficult even to get some Pros to remember this πŸ™‚


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