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Overlay Effect in Final Cut Pro

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    I am a student learning to use Final Cut Pro, and I am trying to obtain a certain “overlay ” effect. I want to make a music video of myself playing three instruments and another person playing two, and we would all be in the same shot. I would have to play a drumset which is notmovable. I have a green screen to use and I vaguely understanding keying. The school only supplies a kodak “Flip” style video camera, yet there are shoulder mounts to use if needed, if camera type matters. If anyone could walk me through how to achieve this, it would be greatly appreciated.

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     Don’t move the camera (during the shoot).  Shoot five separate passes, one for both of you playing each instrument, you can then composite the layers and add ‘camera’ motion in post.  There are YouTube videos with some examples like this:

    or this:

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    Thank you, but how do I go about the audio portion? Do I record it and import it or actually play in the video?

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    import it. quality is much better.

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