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      Newbie here. I shot a few scenes with two different actors–one light skinned, the other dark. My problem is, the sun wasn’t cooperating, so the light skinned actor comes out overexposed and the dark skinned person, who was wearing a hat comes out too dark. I know, I should have had him take his hat off, but it was part of his costume.

      Anyway, the damage is done. The scene is inblack and white. Is there anyway, in final cut pro, too lighten the dark skin person without overexposing the light skinned person even more?



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      There are two choices here:

      1. You could leave it and call it artistic.

      2. You can fix it. To help with number 2, in the shots where there is only one character, you can color correct by choosing Effects>Video Filters>Color Correction>Levels or something like that.

      For shots with both characters, you can duplicate the shot, put the second shot above the first one on a different video track. Make sure it lines up exactly.

      Then use a garbage matte to mask out half of the top clip so you can see the bottom one through it. This is basic compositing. To make the matte, choose Effects>Video Filters>Matte>Four-Point Garbage Matte. Then, draw the box over the top clip to cut in half so you can see the top clip from underneath. i.e. you will end up with both actors in one clip on the bottom with say, the white actor visible on top of the image. Then do the same thing as one shots using Levels or something. Remember to feather the mask.

      Hopefully this helps. This is the best I could come up with. It won’t be entirely perfect, because your shot will seem to change exposure from one half of the composited shot to the other. Fortunately, you say it’s all black and white, so that will help. Feather the mask good.

      If you can’t understand this, let me know and i’ll explain better. I’m reading how to do this from the FCP official training manual.

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