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      Dear Videomaker’s fellows,

      I am doing a video for my ELA class about Global Pollution. I am halfway done, so today i rendered the video to MPEG-2 (I am going to put on a dvd and play on the pc that is connected in the tv). To make the Menu, i am going to use the Windows DVD Creator, becausei dont know how to use the dvd archictec very well. Vegas rendered it and after some minutes to check how the video was going to really look like in a tv.

      when i played back the file in my pc (Before burning the DVD), there wasnt any sound nor video on it! Can someone help me?

      And i want the highest quality possible… so which format is better? AVI? WMA? MOV? MPEG?

      thanks 4 all the help,

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      What program did you use to play it back with on your computer?

      Some programs can’t play back the MPEG 2 file, even though it is in fact there.

      If you are going to burn a DVD it has to eventually be converted to an MPEG-2 file. However not all programs that can render out an MPEG-2 file are very good at it. Sometimes it is better to render out a high quality AVI or Mov file and let your DVD authoring program do the conversion.

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      I used Windows media player..everything is back…i used quicktime….everything is black…i used a program called KMplayer (It Plays EVERYTHING you can think of)…there is no sound.!

      Ps.: which format has better quality?


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      oh…i just found out that i am supposed to export the audio and video separated…. duhhh πŸ˜‰

      But i am still confused about the best format? any help?

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      1. THE BEST FORMAT FOR DVD IS MPEG-2!! In order to have a DVD, you will have to render to MPEG-2 out of Vegas. This is not the best format overall, but it’s the only one that works for DVD.

      2. Windows Media Player and Quicktime can’t play MPEG-2 in my experience. Only Real Player. You will have to trust that it works unless you get Real, which I think is free anyway.

      3. IMPORTANT! If you render MPEG-2 straight out of Vegas, the default option is Video only, so if you’re not careful, your video will be just that – video, NO audio. You will need to choose the “DVD NTSC” template, not the “DVD NTSC Video stream” template. This would explain why there’s no audio in KMPlayer (which I have never used.)

      4. DVD Architect is the only DVD burner software I’ve ever used. Works great!

      Good luck!


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