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      Is it possible to export a .MOV file with closed captions embedded (line 21) per broadcast requirements using Vegas 11? I’ve been searching the internet for hours and can’t seem to find a clear answer.


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      Did you check out this forum post?


      Their plug-in cost $399.00!  But, after watching the tutorial (link embedded in their post) I was convinced it is probably worth it if you have to do the captioning on most of your work.

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      Thanks, I did check that out. I’m trying to find a solution with less “sticker-shock” and am now investigating delivering a captioned DVD to the TV station.

      Any suggestions for good authoring software?

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      Did you see this White Paper? http://sony-002.vo.llnwd.net/dspcdn/whitepapers/vegaspro10_captioning.pdf Looks like the plug-in makes it easier, but 11 should e able to do the captions just like 10.

      It is Vegas 10, but probably still applies. I don’t think Sony DVD Architect does CC editing butAdobe Encore has this note in the support section: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/encore/cs/using/WS10C7FD4F-0F5C-40f6-BDB2-6D1AD9D301E9a.html

      Here is a CC program: http://www.cpcweb.com/dvd/ Price=???

      And, have you seen this site? CaptionItYourself http://www.cpcweb.com/dvd/ Info on captioning and links to other sites.

      I don’t do this for a living so I’m afraid I cannot offer much more assistance.

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      Thanks again. I hadn’t seen that white paper. It also looks like I’ll need to give Encore another look. That would be great, since Premiere Pro is my NLE of choice.

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