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      Hey hi to all the guys from videomaker,anyway i’m a semi pro outdoor videographer actually i just start it last summer when they hire me here in Qatar,my job is always on the go,i’m using a CanonXL H1A at first i feel uncomfortable because of the weight of the lens but i get use to it now,i just want to ask is there someone there who can give me more tips,coz i’m always taking video of falcon chasing otherraptors or birds,so what lens should you recommend with more zoom or let say a wide tele zoom lens,i’m using s Canon L IS III XL 5.4-108mm lens,is there any lens better than this or give more zoom.thanks

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      You want to look for a 1/3″ lens. 1/3″ because the H1 uses 1/3″ sensors. Look into getting one with a 2X extender as well. Here is a link to B&H’s 1/3″ lenses:


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