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      Does anyone here do hunting video’s? I am only interested in filming outdoors/hunting (no weddings). I have a question on how to promote this kind of business. Myself, My dad, and my husband got the equipment we need and I have produced 3 DVD’s so far and have gotten a lot of good compliments. Right now we were asked to go to maine with an outfitter to produce a promotional video about guided bear hunts. My question is: How or where can I get information on writing up a good contract? Does anyone have any experience in this field that would be willing to give me some advice? Like I said I am just starting to do this as a business opportunity instead of a hobby, and it seems to be something that is demanded in my area. Also, any suggestions on how much to charge? Do you charge by the hour or day? Any help would be appreciated.

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      Have a look at the following site:


      It seems to cater specifically to the kind of projects you have in mind.

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      Thanks I will check that out

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      I’ve gotten totally away from the outdoors and hunting scene since abandoning my East Texas roots and annual deer, dove, squirrel, rabbit, etc. hunts (with bow, gun and occasionally camera). The rest of the clan, however, remains immersed in that life – especially my brother-in-law.

      Steve, when he’s not hunting, working or taking care of other things, is parked in front of his satellite set and watching a hunting channel that quite frequently repeats its content throughout the week, if not daily – 24/7. I tried to call him to find out the channel ID but he must be “out hunting.” It might be same already referred here.

      My point about the repeat programming is that this channel could be very receptive to new, fresh, quality and consistent content.

      If not, and I find out, I will share. Just thought you’d be interested to know that this, for the knowledgeable and initiated camera person(s), could be a lucrative production field.

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      Yes I am very interested. My house main channel is Outdoor, Sportsman channels. My favorite is The Crush and Gettin Close. It took me 3 years to get all the equipment that I need and learn. I have filmed and created hunting video’s. Now I would like to do more than just a hobby. I have some people asking me to film some of there hunts, but I am not sure what to do. So if you are able to get in contact with someone who could help that would be great

      I did check out the huntingfootage.com site but have not found any answers yet, but I am going to continue to search

      Thank you for your help

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      THESE are all listed as featured programming on the DISH NETWORK’s Outdoor Channel.

      The Jackie Bushman Show
      Turkey Call Television
      Benelli’s American Birdhunter
      Pheasants Forever
      Waterfowler TV
      Rocky Geared Up
      American Gun Dog
      In-Fisherman PWT
      Spanish Fly
      The Catch: Costa Rica
      Fly Fishing The World
      Cabela’s Outfitter Journal
      Gore-Tex Outdoor Adventures

      Also, check out The Outdoor Channel website for more information, possible ideas and leads.

      AND, there’s also web shows on hunting, see Versus.com for more info.

      Another “thought” I had is that the individual state and federal departments of wildlife, parks, fisheries, etc. might be GREAT resources for leads and ideas.

      A curious article in The Washington Times newspaper says “hunting/fishing TV shows are boring…” but there are thousands of people like my brother-in-law who might be comatose in their LazyBoy recliners, spit can at the side, but they seem to be locked and loaded on that programming for hours a day.

      Good luck with the above research possibilities.

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