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I attend a few outdoor public events that run thru out the summer out on the water. They tend to get a little wild (in a good way) and I always have the videocamerasand other still cameras rolling when the beads start flying later in the afternoon(actually it is pretty easy to getvolunteersfor the film crew at these events).

Upuntilnow I cut the footage together with some party music and weusuallyget together in around this time of year for the "movie premiere" akaexcuse to drink beer look at bikinis and dream about the warm weather.

This year we took over a local bar and had 60 - 70 people there.

Before this gets any bigger, what are the "rules" about filming public events and what can and can not be used. Up till now I have not sold any of the DVD's but as this event gets bigger it is starting to get expensive and would like torecoupsome of the costs

Any thoughts?

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Really you should check in with your local film commission and see what their guidelines are concerning permits and so on. Particularly since you're showcasing these videos in a public bar. As your events get bigger, sooner rather than later issues about permission and a host of other concerns are going to pop up. All it takes is for one underage female to end up on camera the wrong way and someone who knows her to take offense and you'll have some real trouble. Not to mention, since you are going through the trouble of making these things, you should get something for it. Just remember, the minute you publicly display or distribute your films, the rules change and not necessarily in your favor.

There are a lot of good back articles here on VM in addition to forum posts dealing with this very subject. But definitely check with your local and state film commissions. They are a valuable resource for info and all things production in your state.

Good luck!

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