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      Juggernaut Media announces a new digital video and dslr website for operators and producers/editors.
      Orlando, FL, USA 6/30/2009 03:35 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

      Orlando, Florida. June 30, 2009. Juggernaut Media announces a new
      digital video and DSLR website for operators and producers/editors. The
      website, WorldofShooters.com, allows directors, producers, and
      assignment editors the ability to communicate directly with camera
      operators through a comprehensive database. Created for camera
      operators from around the world. They can register and be listed by
      format, camera brand, geographical area, shooting style and experience,
      language proficiency and support gear. Employers can register for free
      and use the highly functional site while operators pay a nominal annual
      fee of less than $5 per month (with annual membership). The goal of
      WorldofShooters.com is to offer shooters the outlet they want and
      create synergy for employers to locate professionals in the location
      they need with the gear that they need. http://www.WorldofShooters.com


      “We are attempting to change the culture and mindset that we in the
      camera industry have been using when looking for gigs. Why not have the
      work come to you…come after you…rather than you waste so much of
      your time searching through so many listings and emails from other
      listing sites that do not even apply,” Tim Baker founder and fellow

      The current status quo has employers firing out listings on free and
      paid sites/resources…shooters spending hours a week looking for the
      few ads that actually apply to them…then employers having to weed out
      the few shooters that match their actual criteria…and then a few
      shooters actually getting contacted.

      How much money do we waste in our valuable time as shooters and employers for the return that we get for this process?

      “What we endeavor to do is to create a database that producers and
      assignment editors utilize to find the shooters that they need, where
      they need them, and with the gear that they need it shot on. More and
      more various houses or productions are gear/format specific so we are
      allowing shooters to register all of the gear that they have so they
      can be found based on that, geo-location, and links to on-line demos.”

      we want to make it as cost effective as possible. It is less than $5.00
      per month for a 1 year listing and it is free for potential employers
      to list, but they will have to list to take full advantage of the sites

      You can track the site on
      info and updates to the site and community type interaction such as
      discussions or feedback.

      We would love your feedback to make the
      site better and outlets to get it infront of those that need it. Or
      camera packages that need to be added to the listing menu.

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