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      I know that everyone recommends AZDEN wireless products. I, myself have researched them from all of your recommendations. My budget is very limited at the moment.
      Are there any other, less expensive brands that anyone would recommend until I can buy a set of AZDEN.

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      I just purchased the Azden WR22-Pro with two transmitters. Out of the box they look like cheap Nady type mics. The cases are constructed of cheap plastic. I have not tried them yet but I am not expecting them to perform well. Like you, I went with the numerous suggestions to go Azden. I will try them out and see what I get. I have been using a set of cheap Sennheiser Freeport wireless series mics ($300), but they are not battery operated like Azden. Their quality what not so hot. Since then, I have been recording with a CAD E-200 through a Universal Audio tube pre-amp ($1000) inthe studio and getting the best audio quality. This is great audio but not mobile. I will report back after I try these Azdens out.

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