Organizing video clips?

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Hi all!

I'm sorry for my english, I'm from a little country called Denmark . I hope your understand my question.

How do you organize your clips?

I have my clips on harddrives, in folders by date. But I have trouble finding things now, after my library have grown a lot.

What do you do?

I have tried to find some software like FC SERVER, but I can't find some, anyone knows a good piece software (client/server)?

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To organize your videos/files/clips you need to categorize folders. Using folders by date is not the best of ideas,
unless the day is relevant to the content of your videos. In my case (for the weather forecasts) I make a folder with the date of the forecast (12 November), inside of it I make sub-folders by categories (weather maps, the forecast, anchors clips, etc. Each sub-folder with its own footage and graphics) All of this is inside another folder, the month (November). All of them are inside a "Master Folder" by the name of the weather channel name "Juracan TV". It seems confusing, but its quite simple:

  1. Juracan TV (Master Folder)
  • November (Folder)
    • 10 November (Sub-Folder)
      • Weather Maps (Sub-Folder)
        1. United States Radar
        2. Atlantic Satellite
      • Anchor Footage (Sub-Folder)
        1. Take 1
        2. Take 2
      • Forecast (Sub-Folder)
        1. USA Video Clip
        2. Atlantic Video Clip
        3. Puerto Rico Video Clip

I told you that categorizing by date is not a good idea because you will have so many folder of dates and you will rather not remember what was on it. The trick to categorized folders is naming them with something you can remember easily. For example for a short film that is name "Events" you make a master folder name "Events", you keep making sub-folders inside (Footage Sub-Folder, Special Effects Sub-Folder, Music Sub-Folder, etc) and put the clips in their corresponding sub-folders. Put the master folder in My Documents and if the folder is really important put color labels to them. Also, keep your desktop as much clean as possible. I only put files and folders in the desktop for projects that I'm currently editing. After finishing the project I move the files to my documents and clean the desktop for the next projects.

I haven't found a software to organize my clips. I think I don't need it but, it will be interesting to see the features.


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Sony Vegas has a facility to do this built in - Don't know if any of the other NLE's do.

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In each project, I have a bin for sequences, one for talking head, one for b-roll (or multiple bins per location, sunject, ect.) a bin for graphics and a bin for audio. I sometimes have a seperate bin for saved effects and such. t depends ont he project.