Ordered GL2 today !!

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      Hi all

      Just bit the bullet,,, am getting GL2 like tuesday or so. Could have gone for better I’m sure but this will have to get me started.

      Jump right in here ,,, Share your experiences with the CAM , I really want to squeeze the best out of it.
      what do you like or dislike??
      what workarounds help you to shoot well with it??
      what cam have you graduated to if you moved on?? and do you like it?

      We all know it’s a good cam and we all know there are better cams out there, but for a NuBee I thik I’m in for a pleasant surprise

      Gimme your feedback

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      Well – if this is your first 3 chip cam, then you are indeed in for a jaw dropping experience when you see your first footage. That was my experiene with my GL-1 back in 2000 – and it’s still my one and only camera – working quite well still! I’m a hobbyist though, so I don’t run it for hours and hours.

      Good luck and enjoy!

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      thanks for your post ,,,Iconsider myself lucky as a result of your kind words,,, I’m thinking if you love your gl1 the gl2 will probably be just as great for me.


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      hi, the GL2 is awesome!

      It features a really useful hotshoe, for several adapters, including an XLR adapter that will become useful in the future.
      The picture quality is great, the manual controls are nice as well.
      There’s everything a budding videomaker could ask for.

      Personally, I don’t own this camera, its the schools, but you could say i moved on to the XL2, which i don’t own either.
      The XL2 looks a little bit better, has more picture control, inputs and outputs, but nothing a beginner would miss.

      I hope you enjoy the camera, don’t break it, and have fun.

      Goodluck making movies!

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      Where did you purchase it and how’s it working out?

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