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      There ARE a host of ways to make money in the video arena. New guys with new cameras, or older guys with more time on their hands, and even established video business moguls (well, you know what I mean) can all figure out how to make an extra buck with their cameras, systems and editing equipment.

      Key to the whole “Making Money in Video” approach is putting in the work, and following through with what you come up with as a marketing niche for yourself. An old quote worth remembering: “Great Ideas Won’t Work Unless YOU Do!” Cliche or not, this is well worth remembering.

      Too many times, too many people think up something brilliant (in their humble minds) share it with a few friends or family members, toss out a couple of “feelers” to the marketing pool their GREAT IDEA should reel in, then fold in a matter of hours or perhaps days, when the whole of consumers doesn’t flood them with orders and business.

      Even GREAT ideas take time to nurture, expose, expand and grow. You will doubt yourself, your idea, the sanity of the consumer population (How can they NOT realize the value and need for this?) but if your idea isn’t given time to germinate, and you don’t put in a hefty amount of effort, then you’re not giving that idea a chance…

      …or yourself.

      Whether you’re part-time or full time, or have the option to be either one but haven’t decided yet, you can come up with, and find via Google, countless business opportunities in video production on an independent basis or something working for “the other gal.”

      Sure, the economy still sucks. Sure, there’s no perfect answers, product, service, price or solution. Sure, you want to sleep in, start your day at noon, watch movies every night, and/or work only weekends of afternoons, but by flexing and “WORKING” your ideas you will get somewhere with all this video stuff.

      There’s a million questions that can be asked. And there’s an equal number of responses, solutions or answers (complete or shallow) to those, but it is and will always be up to YOU to persevere, to sustain the levels of mental and physical energy necessary to carry you closer to your goals and desired outcome in the video business.

      I have two copyrighted mantras that I remind myself of daily: “If you market, you will make it!” and “Somebody somewhere celebrates something…every day!” Both are true. I use both in my marketing strategies and on my marketing materials. I believe them, and when I start out in the morning of any given day, I try to make myself aware that both are TRUE, and go for it.

      There’s many more ideas, and many of them fresher and true to today’s marketing needs and financial atmosphere, but you can get a start by visiting my video marketing blog at E.C. Come, E.C. Go.

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