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      It’s not in my budget particularly right now, but just for the amusement, I was looking for a good, Sony solid state camcorder that shoots 1920×1080 full High-Definition video. Coming across what it seemed like just appeared a week ago, I realized that the camcorder was announced November 18 of 2009, and there’s truly a lot packed in a 4k-costing camcorder – http://www.camcorderinfo.com/content/Sony-Announces-the-NXCAM-A-Professional-AVCHD-Camcorder-37295.htm. MSRP is actually $5,000, but from the looks of it, it seems to be one of the bestbudget HD camcorders with features you’d expect to find on a $10,000 camcorder… solid state recording, XLR inputs, GPS navigation, and a 720/60p shooting mode. To me it really surpasses everything in that price range, such as the Canon XHA1, Sony HDR-FX1, and FX7.

      What are your thoughts on this, as an owner, potential buyer, or just a reader of this article?

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      There’s a first look article here:


      B&H is quoting $4K for it. Looks very exciting.

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      You can see one of the first hands-on video reviews of the NX5, from Sean Seah in Singapore (including test footage) at nx5u.com, as well as fresh video clips shot by one of the first new NX5U owners in the US, Benny Ek in So. California (including MTS files straight from the camera, available for download, that Benny shot with his new NX5U yesterday evening).

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      I’m curious as to whether iMovie and Final Cut Express support the 30p mode of this camera (24p is obviouslynot supported). Anyone has any idea? What about the AX2000?

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      Thx for posting those links. Great extensive review that got itself ahead of Camcorderinfo.com and footage shot with the HXR-NX5.

      “I’m curious as to whether iMovie and Final Cut Express support the 30p mode of this camera (24p is obviouslynot supported). Anyone has any idea? What about the AX2000?”

      As a 30 frame recording mode, most likely, FCE or iMovie would convert it to 30 frames interlaced. It’s probably all the same with the Sony AX2000.

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      Sony produced a virtual trade show which is still online. go to : </span>http://pro.sony.com/bbsccms/ext/vtsnewecohd/index.shtml . You will have to register, but its worth it. Once in the trade show visit the auditorium. You will see a drop down list of speakers that took place. Scroll to the topic Sneak Peek at Sony’s NeXt Affordable Professional HD Camcorder (Run Time 9:13):.

      Good Luck

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      Nice camera if you like spending more than you should: Take a look at the Panasonic AG-HMC150 which isAVCHD. In my opinion it blows away the Sony and is not as expensive.

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      It looks like a solid piece of equipment. IMHO, it does outperform the HMC150 (3 lux-HMC150 vs. 1.5 lux HXR-NX5)(better optical zoom 13X HMC150 vx. 20X HXR-NX5). But to each his own,that is my opinion based on those two categories on their respective specification sheets. Plus the HMC-150 is a consumer AVC Camcorder, and the HXR-NX5 is a professional AVCHD camcorder that shoots both HD and SD formats.


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      Does anyone have any feed back on the CMOS chip. I heard earlier Sony camera’s had problems with photo flashes and jagged edges when you panned. I’m looking to replace my old PD150, keeping my 170 as backup 2nd camera and was considering the Panasonic 150.

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      Derek, eagerly awaiting that review!

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      Im very pleased with the camera after 6 months shooting various things from music video to Legal Depositions. My only question is: Does anyone know if its possible to do animation with it. My Z1u was great for this but I already sold it without checking to see if the NX5U will do it.

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      Auto focussing is not great, the camera seems especially sensitive to bright or high contrast areas behind the subject even when the subject dominates the frame. Forget the refocus button; it is small and recessed and difficult to find without leaving the view finder to look for it. Even then it’s slow and sometimes inaccurate – use the focus ring on the lens. The dioptre correction slider is loose and prone to moving. Thought I was losing my eyesight the first time it moved. I now tape it in a fixed position with duct tape. You can’t flip out the screen when anything is on the front hot shoe. You can use the rear shoe mount but this is not always ideal. Get and extender bracket. Auto white balance copes adequately most of the time – the manual settings are complicated when you need the adjust in a hurry. The CMOS sensor (I presume) behaves strangely in the presence of electronic flash. Unlike CCD that blows out a single frame the CMOS over exposes part of the frame and creates an enlarged pixelated effect for several following frames. Not always easy to fix in post. These issues aside there are some great features and the camera is capable of excellent results but you will need to overcome its inadequacies before you will be happy with your purchase. Alexian

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