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      Hi all, I recently bought a JVC GY-HD110u for my primary camera and already have a Canon HF10 AVCHD camera that will be used mostly for wide shots and b-roll. My question is: now that my main camera is running tape, I am considering selling the canon to buy maybe an hv30 or some other consumer grade HDV format camera so that I don’t have to pull the monster JVC out every time I need to capture. Would this be a reasonable move or would I be better off keeping the HF10 and buying a MiniDV VCR that I can use for capture? I am usually a fan of multitaskers over one-trick ponies, but I really love the HF10 and I can’t decide which would be the better move. Obviously the HV30 would be the cheaper option since I could probably find someone to trade with, and it wouldn’t really cost me much out of pocket. Also would I have to get a VCR that is meant for HD tape or would any one work since it matters mostly what the image was recorded in and not transferred? I hope my questions aren’t stupid sounding but I have very little experience with tape decks.

      Thanks in advance and I hope I have made sense of my querry.

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      Thanks for that advice, John, it was a big help. Do you (or anyone else) have any advice for either a camera that would be compatible and/or a playback deck that would be relatively inexpensive and also compatible? I was looking at the Sony GV-HD700 because I do a fair amount of work outside of my office so I like the portability of it…but I don’t know about the compatibility issue there.

      Thanks in advance for any further advice.

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      I believe SONY and Canon use the same recording format but I would test it if possiblebefore making a purchase. Mabe you can find someone near you that has the SONY you are looking at.

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      Ok so the sony VCR probably won’t be a good choice either if it records in the same format as the Canon. It looks like I ought to just face the fact that I am going to have to pull the monster JVC out for capturing…I can live with that I suppose.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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