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      Hi. I am looking for a camera to shoot an independent documentary. Ideally, my choice would be a Z5 or Z1 but unfortunately are far from by budget.

      I am interested in the HVR-A1, but I read very bad reviews about its low light capacity, although in YouTube I have seen some very nice footage. My documentary will have many indoor shoots so low light capability is important for me. Not very dark, but good for an home room lit with, let’s say, 200W bulbs.

      If necessary, maybe I can make an effort for the V1, but again, I don’t know if it worth it as it is not well rated as the Z1 in low light.

      I am also thinking in going for a much cheaper (and different) Canon HV40 instead of the A1 to begin shooting and later get a V1 and keep the HV40 as second camera, specially because 24p is important for me. Don’t know if it will be a good trade…

      I would appreciate real experiences with any of these cameras. Thank you!

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      I cannot comment on any of these other cameras, but I am thrilled with my Canon HF S10.

      I have used it under studio lighting, and the picture quality is great. I am not sure how it would do under low light, but perhaps a local camera store might let you check it out?


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