Opinion about Manfrotto 595B Fig Rig

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      I Want to know your opinion about this kind of steady cam support.
      I am still trying too choose witch camera to buy, but the model is a kind of Sony Ex1.
      Has anyone tried this equipment?

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      It doesn’t really seem to be a stabilization device. It seems to make it easier to use a small camera if you’re in a situation where you could easily drop the camera. So I wouldn’t see any use for this if you shot weddings, or any type of event.

      It is cool that is has that zoom control though.

      Whether or not you should buy this seem to rely on what you’ll use it for, which you didn’t mention.

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      its the stabilization system cheaper that i could find. Steady cams are very expensive.
      Its always good to have this kind of devices to make more smooth pans or travelings, in weeding or in another kind of works.
      what do you think?

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      Actually, it does contribute to stabilization not that I’ve personally used one but I have a few close friends in the business who have and are happy with it. They’ve told me, and I’ve read, that it isn’t something you want your camera connected to ALL the time, but for certain solid moving shots it does a great job.

      Like all devices we can invest in, essentially the Fig Rig is yet another tool that when applied for a specific purpose helps enhance our production values.

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      Just to add

      In playing around with a few different types of stabilizers, some borrowed some home-built, there is a level training and practice to get the results you want. Some of this is intuitive and some, I have found, have been counter intuitive. In talking with those at camera shows that carry the different stabiliser systems, they all point this out as well.

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      Take a look at Glidecam.

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      You should check out http://www.b-hague.co.uk/Camcorder%20Stabilizer%20HCS3.htm, the Hague Stabelizer seems really cool and very affordable. And Opteka is coming out with one called, The Opteka Camera Stablizer (will be $79) which is very close to the Hague in price and quality.

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