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      hello, i used to read video maker all the time when i was studying film in middle school and high school as a kid. after i moved i stoped getting it. and this year finaly started again. i appreciate it alot more since i am in college studying media arts now. my main question is, does anyone here have any info about open sourse software for windows that is equivalent to software discussed on here? i have seen some that i have found on my own shown in the magazine. such as the editor Jaushaka and audio editor Audacity. but i dont make money off of video and still just tinker with it for fun and media classes. and i figured maybe someone here may have an inside knowing of a network of various video production open source software for windows that i can find. thanks,


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      I am in the same realm seeking open source. I have found some, and it helped lead to other software to purchase just for windows. Great work by the open source community.





      gtk+ for windows

      I also use TCL for windows (a scripting language unrelated)

      WinFF is fanstastic as well, very fast (helps me determine what could take a loooong time in seconds)

      The above programs are a lifesaver, and I learned how much bs there really is with what they offered simply to prove it to myself. As far as a better video editor. Well win movie maker and the adobe premiere software is about all i could find within a chance to get cheaply and function well to add effects, and work with mp4 directly (adobe)

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      thanks alot BarryG. this will give me some new stuff to play with and learn with this semester. it will eventually lead to me buying software. but i am of course gonna use free equivalents to learn about how to use them. thanks again!


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