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      I found this website by accident, but it might be useful for newbies to learn production techniques.

      Basically, it’s an online learning site where you register for classes, taught by pros. I’m not sure whether you have to pay or not. There’s not many people over there now, but could be extremely popular soon. The forums are pretty quiet, and I told the instructor that I’d mention his site over here in these forums to help generate interest. The classes seem very basic, so probably not for video know-it-alls. Sponsored by Sony.

      Note: I get no money if you go to this site. I’m not an advertiser, just a messenger on my own time.

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      I looked at their 101 course a few months ago – Well below basic levels – It’s sort of a how to for folks who have never used a camera or read a manual and cannot do either. Just my opinion but message boards such as this one (and others I frequent) are much better sources of information.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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