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      Dear Future *Professional* Screenwriters,

      Are you looking for a *new* career?

      Do you want to get involved in the *movie* business?

      Well – this may be the *opportunity* you have been looking for.

      ——— Six-Week Online Screenwriting Course:

      Enroll today for the-most insightful and comprehensive screenwriting course available!

      Simply to go:

      and you may be ‘knocking on Hollywood’s door’ in Year 2005!

      ——— Important Notes:

      I will only be accepting fifty (50) screenwriting students per six-week session – in order to provide each aspiring (professional) screenwriter with the utmost attention they deserve.

      The *deadline* to enroll for this course is: December 1, 2004

      However – once fifty (50) students are enrolled – this six-week session will be *closed*.

      fyi: As of today (Monday, November 8, 2004) – 22 students have already enrolled.

      Once you enroll – you will receive your *first* lesson plan within 24 hours.

      So – enroll *now* – and ‘avoid the rush at closing’!


      “If you never try, you will never know the outcome…” – an expression that my father instilled in me when I was a young boy – and, a creed that I have lived by all-my-life.

      So – if you think you ‘have what it takes’ to become a successful, professional screenwriter – then, here is your chance.


      Meanwhile – I hope this message finds you well!

      Film and Write On,

      Michael Carr
      Director: Telluride and Key West IndieFests
      Executive Producer: Queso Productions

      Showcasing the best *independent* films and screenplays in the world – high in the mountains, and by the sea!

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