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      Do you have musical talent or know someone that does? Then submit a video showcasing musical talent to our online Music Video contest. Compete for a share of the $350 grand prize with other film makers from around the world.

      Enter at

      Music Video Contest
      Eligibility: 18+, Global
      Copyright: You keep
      Starts/Ends: Now, voting starts after 100 submissions for 10 days.
      Entry Fee: Free to first 5, then $5

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      Grinner Hester

      So, if we win we can get paid for two hours of work?

      sweet. I’ll cancel some bookings.

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      So after 5 submissions, I have to pay you $5 each addidtional for a chance to win a share, a portion,of $350?

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      This is a ‘you pay us, we probably won’t pay you’ setup. You pay a $2 fee for each entry and you might win $175 bucks. No matter what happens ‘skirmish’ gets paid for your work. You’d have a much better chance at ‘America’s Funniest Videos’. This is a worse rip than film festivals if you can believe it. I’m surprised none of the other moderators haven’t pulled this turkey down yet. I’ll leave it up just so anyone who might have fallen for this will see the comments, but it won’t be up much longer.

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      I don’t understand why this is a rip off…Photography competitions do it all the time where you have to pay an entry fee, ie: How else do you expect to support the prize money, I wish we hada sponsorto be able to host it for free. If you have any ideas email me at

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      “I don’t understand why this is a rip off…Photography competitions do
      it all the time where you have to pay an entry fee, ie:”


      I never said it was a ‘Rip Off’. You did. I said that ‘you get paid for someone else’s work and they might (more like might not) win any prize money.’ Now that is an accurate description of your contest. Making music videos takes time, effort and money. Photography, Video contests and Film Festivals all as you say do this but it’s still a gip. If someone pays more to have their video made than your contest plans to pay out and let’s just say on the odd chance they win, what do they gain? They literally sold you a music video for $175! Last time I checked, that’s a loss of profit which also translates to ‘gip’. Again, you are the only one who gains. Do you plan on promoting the video? Are you planning to assist the creator in getting more gigs hopefully for more than $175? What about all the many other ‘non winners’ who gave you $2 for nothing? Again, you gain and they don’t. My task is to make sure anyone interested in entering this is informed beforehand. If they chose to do so, then so be it. Free will and all.

      Now if you would like to consult with me for potential ‘ideas’ you can hire my services and I will be happy to discuss them with you.

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      Looking around their website it appears to be a photo/video community aimed at general family style pics and vids. Why they chose to announce themselves in this fashionby posting this “contest”, that only registered members of their site can submit to,rather thandescribing their community that happens to offer these little conteststo/for it’s members does not bode well of their intentions, the above commentaries sharing examples of that concern.

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      “This is a worse rip than film festivals if you can believe it.” – see you did say that.

      Composite: Thanks for clarifying, I understand it does take a lot of time and effort to make a music video but this is more aimed at folks that may already have a video they made or something as simple as a video of yourself or friend just jamming on the guitar. We aren’t expecting an MTV quality music video of course. Also, we do not sell your videos or photos on our site as our own. As far as that goes, if you are a top contender that speaks for itself in terms of your quality of work, and who knows someone may recognize that and offer you a gig!

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      “I don’t understand why this is a rip off…”


      That was your comment BTW. Now that you’ve clarified what your contest intends to offer, I believe potential entrants can make a much more informed decision. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a businessman and I completely understand using marketing tools in order to make potential profits. But also as a content creator, whether I’m ‘making MTV style videos’ or not I expect to be properly compensated for my efforts either monetarily or through visibility that will lead to money making opportunities. Nobody likes to work for free and despite the mindset of many would be contest managers, content creation is not something that you can just ‘whip up’ for nothing. Contests imply risk, it is only fair that the risk be worth it and potentially achievable.

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