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      I use a web-based application called Elluminate to hold meetings online. This software allows for six simultaneous audio and video feeds so participants use webcams and headsets to see and talk to each other.

      I’m interested in using this software to hold live online coferences/presentations as well but would like to use a camcorder at the back of the room to provide the video feed rather than a webcam.

      My question is what do I need in terms of camcorder to do this?

      I’ve been looking at the Panasonic HDC-TM700 and the Sony CX116 HD cameras and wondering whether these would do.Do HD cameras live stream over USB 2.0 connections? Isa IEEE1394(Firewire) connectionneeded? Would my camera need an audio in or is the on-board mic good enough to pick up someone presenting at the front of a small room from the back?

      Any help is much appreciated. Best wishes.

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