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      I’m planning to post some work online but not to familiar with Internet integration. I mean I can post a video to You Tube and the like but I was wondering if there is some "simple way" to embed a video into your web site? You know? I want to have navigation to some of the different work I’ve done.

      Are there any online toutorials about how to do this? (either video or ones you that you have to read like in the old days πŸ˜‰ ) I would think it would be pretty popular these days (at lease until the government starts to regulate the net and charge us taxes for use in 3 second increments }:-@ )

      what about the compression? whats the best settings to use to post video with that wont take too long to load etc?

      Finally, since Id be starting a new project, can I use the wide screen set up if the footage was shot in letterbox format? (eg stretch and crop?)

      and while were on that topic, whats the difference between wide screen and amaphoric?

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