One more chink in the hype ‘armor’….

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      At first I was going to gloat about this, but then I thought differently:

      Malicious Code Targets Macs…

      As much fun poking fun at my old ‘macie’ sparring partners would have been (and it would have), instead I took a moment to look at the ‘big picture’:

      “…this particular Trojan hasn’t yet infected any computers that do not have pirated versions of iWork on them… this is a low-level attack and many won’t be affected by it. It’s going to become a bigger problem and people will have to become more aware…” “I don’t think it’s a tipping point; I think it’s an evolutionary step.
      We see virus authors often use what somebody else has done,” he said.
      “There’s a model. There’s something out there to follow.”

      The article does discuss from the Apple’s position vs the Antivirus Software co’s. After reading both side’s point of view the big picture issue I caught was as usual, this is all about money. If the ‘panic’ the Apple rep mentioned sets in (which I don’t think it will just yet), then one of mac’s biggest selling points (viral invincibility) will be lost and could hurt revenues. Apple does make good computer’s but they are more expensive and why would now more budget conscious consumers spend more money for something that catches viruses just like cheaper pc’s? On the other side, the AV software co’s are (rightly or wrongly) raising the alarm and stoking the ‘fires’ because the fear of destructive viruses make them more money in AV product sales. A third more obscure detail occured to me with this, the hacker’s profit too. As many on these forums have said, ‘it’s just a matter of time before the hacker’s get a foothold in the mac OS. Consider ‘foothold’ established. Yeah, it’s not enough to go running through the street gnashing teeth an pulling hair amid the smoking ruins of destroyed mac’s (hang on, I’d like to enjoy that thought for a moment…………), but as stated in the article ‘it’s an evolutionary step’. With that in mind, that means that hacker’s are now paying attention to the ‘obscure’ mac community. Hacking is big biz and now with the pc ‘front’ under permanent siege, the mac ‘arms race’ is beginning to heat up.

      What really made me pass on gloating (sigh) is the fact the ‘losers’ in all this are consumers. Apple typically sounds like the Mayor from the old ‘JAWS’ movie “This beach is safe and will stay open!”, the AV software companies are drooling over their next wave of ‘captive customers’ (wanna’ use your computer? Talk to us) and the hacker’s (cyber serpents in what used to be Eden) are going to make Apple, the AV co’s and themselves richer (Apple charges more for ‘security’+AV co’s charge for ‘security software’+hacker’s create negative computing environment= $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)

      When I looked at things from that angle, I really didn’t feel like gloating.

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      Those who are comfortable with and use Mac are not likely to have based a major percentage of their original Mac purchase decision on this one aspect. So, those who use Mac will continue using Mac in spite of real or perceived threats (If PC users can live with the threat I’m sure so can the “others”) those who don’t use Mac won’t.

      So, really, what’s the point, if not to gloat (sigh), poking fun, or hanging on while you enjoy that thought for a moment.

      Computers, even the previously perceived “virally safe” Macs, are susceptible to viruses. Hackers and other a$$holes get off on creating them and passing them around. Get over it. Worrying, or gloating, about it isn’t going to change things. Work until it happens, fix it when it does, and work some more.

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      What took the ‘fun’ out of a potential ‘toldyaso’ session was just the thing you mentioned about “hackers and other a$$holes” and their cyber creations. Despite my playing ‘Devil’s Advocate’ against Mac (they’re just fine, I just don’t want to spend the money to retool) the common denomenator on these posts are people trying to create work to positive ends. Whether it’s a PC or Mac virus or God forbid a Hybrid, nothing good has ever come from them. Fortunately, I’ve always been on guard against viruses as the only two times I’ve ever been hit were on a Mac and later a PC so I don’t worry. Just for a moment I was ‘disappointed’ for lack of a better term. You would think with all of this wonderful tech we have available we would be better spending our time using it than to just cause mayhem or coerce our fellows out of their money. I applaud your faith in your fellow ‘macies’ on their choice. I just hope you get to keep it.

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