Once again: Total beginner buying a camcorder, which one?

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      I don’t know anything about camcorders, though I know to use one decently. I’m not a point-and-shoot user since I’ve been photographing for years. Until this moment I’ve always just let the video guys do what they want, I’ll do what I know best, but times change. The need for good quality camcorder for documentary-like use has arised.

      The camera would be used at concerts and all kinds of events mostly, so excellent low-light performance is crucial. Sound is almost as important. It doesn’t have to be no handycam neither a DVD since I’ve used to (and want to) edit my stuff, still RAW teaches some patience πŸ™‚

      Price range is maxed to 3.000 EUR (little over 3600 USD?) but preferably around 3000 USD or under.

      I was thinking about the FX1 or XL2 but since I don’t know anything about the matter, would you guys be so nice and point me to the right direction?

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      The XL2 is your best bet for optimal low light performance. It also does a progressive mode in SD that would be great for documentary style pieces. I have both an XL1s and an FX1. I love the FX1, and it definately has the advantage for me in quality since it shoots in HD. The low light sensitivity is not as good in the FX1 especially when you are shooting for Standard Definition editing. The biggest decision you have to make is wether HD means anything to you at this current time. If not, the XL2 is an awsome camera, and about the best you can get for the price range. If HD is important to you, it does good audio, but it uses the 1/8 inch mini input instead of balanced XLR. You could look into getting the Z1 (simply an upgrade from sony’s FX1) which has XLR audio, there aren’t a whole lot of extras that make the Z1 worth the extra money though unless XLR audio is extremely important to you. Hope this helps, and good luck.

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